Can't access My Cloud Home after short power outage

so we got some pretty bad and some thunder and lightning, and i think some of that lightning got into the power grid and blew some fuses and as it seems unfortunatley my my cloud home.
Becaue i was listening to some music via plex media server when all of a sudden connection failed and i couldn’t reconenct to mycloud. Neither App, WD Discovery, , nothing is working - mycloud home is offline.

So i did the 4s reset, bootet, system startet blinking and then entered the constant white light state. Still couldn’t reach mycloud home

So i did the 40s reset, same thin, the light was slowly blinking for about 2 days, now it is shining in constant white, but i can’t access mycloud.

Any more ideas of what to do, to get to the data stored on that drive?
I was wondering if i could take the harddrive out of the drive and plug it to some hd controller and copy the data to another drive, but i don’t know if that is possible and what format that drive has right now.

Any suggestions?


Hi Jickycano,

You can refer to the link mentioned below to solve your issue:

Hi John, i have read that, but that didn’t help. In the meantime wd support contacted me and told me to contact a data restore service if i want my files restored, if possible. I did just that, however, i recieved notice, that they can restore the files, however directories, filenames and filename extensions ( like mp3) are gone.

Is that really possible or are they doing something wrong?
They told me the files are in \restsdk\data\files and then there are subdirectory from - and _ to every letter in the alphabet and numbers from 0-9.

Filenames are like V_7sDp55WPh2H6Yv6OQqRp0T1f2SH99HjS_-RqnJ

However the files can be opened using the programm, for pictures, videos, music, pdfs.

SInce we are talking about more than 4TB of data it would be a pain in the you know what to rename all those files manually and add the proper file extensions

We had a power outage and My Cloud Home has no access. I unplugged it yellow light came on then blinked yellow then nothing. I checked the the back it had blinking lights on the LAN. So I reset it 15 seconds same result. It feels as if its working I mean a little vibration from the device. ANY SUGGESTIONS