1231/5000 My Cloud Home is completely dead - what to do

Hello WD Community

So, a total death My Cloud Home 2TB

Could not see My Cloud on the home network.
Took the power from it and put it back on, and since then it has been completely dead.
(Tested that the power supply works)

So the place they were bought is not very helpful, they just keep sending mails with us to specify the problem.

So we tried to separate it so we could put the hard drive directly to a PC. (Yes , Gantien is gone.)
But done is done.

SO here come the questions.
I can see the folders using extFS by Paragon Software
And also believe I have found where the data is stored.
Disc / retsdk / data / files
But it seems to be encrypted.

I have tried to find a guide for it but, I don’t think I can really find it.
Is there anyone who can put a link on how to get on?
(Has user and password)

  1. Or…
    It is possible to buy a new My Cloud Home 2TB and replace the hard drive with the old one. and then grab the data

  2. Or…
    I have a Raspberry Pi
    will I be able to use it and possibly. install My Cloud Home software on it and then connect the hard drive.

What to do … Dear WD Community

Or can, WD help us though we have. opened the box?