Possibly Bricked My Cloud Home

Hi everybody, I have a 4TB My Cloud Home that I bought just slightly over a month ago. I’m on a Mac. Time Machine says it last backed up 2 weeks ago while another laptop said it had been over 30 days. I go to back up and it says the drive is offline. I thought that was weird because every time I walk by it the LED is on.

I rebooted it by pulling the power and waiting a minute and now it seems to be completely dead. The LED won’t turn on, I don’t hear the drive doing anything. I even tried it without the network cable (figured it wouldn’t do anything but it couldn’t hurt). I tried the 40 second reset four times to no avail. I doubt the power adapter is the problem, it was working an hour ago. I tried a different known good outlet just in case. Is it possible I killed it by pulling the power? I mean…c’mon now. That’d be pretty sad for a device that doesn’t have a power switch.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It’s possible that, even though it worked a short time, it’s DOA.

If it’s only a month old, it’s definitely covered under warranty.

First, see if your retailer will exchange it for you, if not, call WD support and get it replaced.