WD Black SN750 slow

Hello everyone.

I installed my WD Black SN750 1tb today. The promised reading averages 3000MB / s.
I only get half this value, in this case, 1500mb / s

What can I be doing wrong?

I have support for M.2 PCIe x4 on the motherboard (TUF H310M-PLUS)


On SSD drive, you can try to align partitions, which can speed the SSD reading and writing performance.

I did what the explanation recommends and it is aligned.
The speed continues, but thanks!

You might consult the MB’s manual make sure your M.2 socket isn’t being shared with a SATA port that you might have a drive connected to. Page VI at the very bottom has this in BOLD type:

When a device in SATA mode is installed in the M.2 socket, SATA_2 port cannot be used.


Yes, I thought of that. I have nothing sharing other entries.

Thank you!

Your sequential read speed and random read speed are almost equal. Because seq reads should always be faster than random reads, I conclude that your speed is limited by your PCIe bus.

If you remove that bottleneck, then you should experience faster seq read speeds than random read speeds.

Try adding a 4 lanes M.2 to PCIe card to put your NVMe drive in.

(This one works good and costs little.)

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