WD Black NVMe slow speed on Inspiron 5570

I put a 500GB WD NVMe in my Inspiron 5570 and it seems to be working fine, but I’m only getting about half of the sequential read/write speeds.

I put the NVMe in my 6+ year old desktop and got more along the speeds I was expecting, so the NVMe looks fine.


Is there some setting in the bios that I need to adjust?


Is any driver ACPI to install? I remember in old notebook, that makes the diference!!

Not that I know of. I think the issue is Dell is running the PCIe lanes for the VNMe slot in the power saving GT2 mode and there isn’t any way to change it to the GT4 mode unless Dell updates the firmware.

The problem is most notebooks, especially the Dell Inspiron and most of the Latitude series (even the recently refreshed 5x90’s with Coffee Lake) run only 2x to the PCIe slot, so you are capped at a theoretical 2000MB/sec, and after 10% overhead, a realistic 1800MB/sec. Which is exactly what you are getting.

On its face, it’s still 3x better than SATA3, but it’s also 1/3rd slower than the drives capability. The saving grace is the drive won’t experience heat-related issues running at a relaxed 2x interface speed, a common concern with the WD Black NVMe drives in notebook PC’s.

Hello everyone

Just yesterday updated my HP 15-CS0053cl laptop to nvme SSD but the read speeds are not reaching more than 1.7GB/s and there is no option in bios for hardware settings, kindly help me to get the max use of my SSD



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Did you ever get it any faster?