1 tb m.2 WD Black SN750 replacing old 128gb m.2 dual boot win10/linux

Any ideas if this would be compatible with my Dell Latitude 3490 dual boot win10/linux, need to replace my 128gb m.2 sata, nvme is ok replacement btw on the 3490

Hi @Ingolf,

Please be informed that you will have to contact the manufacturer of your laptop for a compatibility list since this is solely dependent on the host device.

The Latitude 3490 supports NVMe according to dell’s store pages for upgrade parts, though they do not detail how many PCIe lanes are allocated to the m.2 slot, thus it is there is no telling if it is 2 or 4 lanes. If it is 2 lanes, then you would only get around half the speed that the drive can offer.

The owners manual specifies that dell shipped the product with these storage options in the past.

Before purchasing an SSD, I recommend you run hwinfo64 Free Download HWiNFO Sofware | Installer & Portable for Windows, DOS

Grab the portable version via the green download button with the white background.

Then look at the bus section and just browse through the list until you find the ports related to your m.2 slot to figure out how many lanes you have available.

Look for entries that are like this. (it will look a little different on Intel platforms, but and the list will be much smaller on a laptop as compared to a desktop), but there will be enough info to get an idea on the lanes allocated to the m.2 slot.

If it is just 2 lanes, then you may be best served by seeking out a cneaper NVMe SSD that is slower since PCIe bus will be a bottleneck for the SN750 at 2X.

If it is 4X, then the SN750 will be a good option.

One exception on slower ports is IOPS intensive tasks, where SSD performance scales well even on a slower PCIe bus, for example, on a PCIe 3.0 X2 slot, the SN850 will perform significantly better than the SN750 for IO intensive workloads, even though the port is only capable of a small portion of the peak throughput of the SSD.

To summarize, the SN750 will work with your laptop, but they do not detail if it is an X2 or an X4 slot.

Thanks a lot Razor512. I will for sure follow your instructions regarding the HW info, 2 or 4 lanes. As you stated, both will work :slight_smile: But the speed will be affected, hopefully I don’t have 2 lanes.

I am planning to use Clonezilla or Rescuezilla to migrate the entire old M.2 to a new and larger M.2 SSD. Unfortunately the laptop only has one M.2slot so I am waiting for a USB interface to hook the new M.2 up to the USB-C for cloning. Not sure if this will work seemless, but the idea is to use a free cloning/migration SW that is easy enough to use for a dual boot system with NTFS and EXT4 with several partitions, THAT might be a challenge,

I would appreciate if any advanced users could suggest a way to follow, the most likely way to go? Easus, Clonezilla or Rescuezilla is a few alternatives, but not sure if it is possible without reinstall the Linux partition