WD SN550 500gb NVME drive boot problem

I recently bought the Western Digital SN550 NVME drive and I am experiencing problem with my dell optiplex 7010 small pc. When inserted into the machine using mini pcie to m.2 nvme adapter, the computer doesn’t boot. When removed, The pc boots and display a message saying no memory was detected on previous boot. This card is causing memory conflict which is weird. As anyone experienced this or Do you guys have any suggestion on this problem? Thanks in advance.

That machine is too old for NVMe support

the mini PCI will support mSATA SSD

There are Many machines out there, even older than mine which don’t support NVME natively but do so using add on card, like in my case. NO every mini pcie port support msata and Msata is not mini pcie. you have to check on this.

Probably best to use a standard SATA SSD in the old machine to be safe

M.2 surfaced with the Z170 motherboards which are DDR4 based

I know what you are trying to say but there is a good reason for trying to make NVME drive to work in this machine. basically Its is used as a nas/sever and space is limited due to its compact size. there is currently a sata 2.5 drive already and also a M.2 SSD sata drive (WD 500 blue) connected to the same mini pcie slot I am talking about using a tiny minipcie to sata adapter and this adapter and card combination works fine but as you probably know M.2 ssd sata drives are limited to 2TB, so I would like to upgrade this combination to NVME. I know you might say but this doesn’t work. but it partially work if i can say this because when the SN550 NVME card is inserted into the slot when windows is booting (hot plugable), the pc list it in device manager. But cold boot (starting the pc with the card already in) is the problem. that is why I am here to know if this behavior could be caused by the SN550 card for instance and “requiring firmware update” or something else. As for the Z170 you mentioned earlier, there are many people out there whose boards aren’t equipped with M.2 slot but are happily using expansion slot to take advantage of nvme drives.

If you want NVMe find a new rig or build one

I will build one in the near future eventually but for now I want to troubleshoot and use this one.

Not many NVMe capable USB boxes out there and thet one I have was expensive