WD Black 2TB Not working on the tv

I have stored some of my movies and music onto the external drive to play on my tv. But my tv does not recognise my Black Drive. Yet it works on the computer… My other WD Drives all work on the tv. What have l done wrong

Using your PC, compare the partition type (MBR versus GPT) and the format (NTFS, exFAT, FAT32, etc) between the working and non-working drives.

The only way to use WD external drive on your TV, is in FAT32 or exFAT format.
How to know? Use empty Flash Drive. Put on TV and check.
If your TV recognice your Flash, you know what it is.
I need to konw what TV accept NTFS format.

Panasonic does … my old Panasonic 3D TV and my new Panasonic 4K both support NTFS and GPT :slight_smile:

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Can l have a way to watch it. I will empty my drive to try this

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Try and then post your experience

as Tony said, you’ll need to find out if the WD 2TB is GPT or MBR partitioned … if it’s a newer drive, then it most likely is GPT. Google how to convert it to MBR

And then format the drive to what you TV supports eg. FAT32,exFAT or NTFS

Check your TV User Manual Specifications.

Lastly make sure you have a backup of all your data before Re-Partitioning and Formatting , as this will erase any data on the hard drive.

Incorrect … my WD External drive formatted NTFS and GPT works fine on my Panasonic TH-49EX600A (4K Ultra HD) TV

just re-tested it now before i write this reply.

works fine, no issues :slight_smile: