WD Passport not recognised on my TV

Hi, I resently got my WD Passport. I use to have a different drive (different manufacturer) but had to many issue with it. It could play on my TV but somehow my WD isn’t recognised. Do you perhaps know why?

You got the wireless passport?

Could be a number of reasons why it doesn’t work with your TV …

Your TV doesn’t GPT Partitioned Hard Drives … and only support older hard drives partitioned MBR which has a 2TB limitation.

Your TV may only support a Maximum hard drive capacity of 2TB … you haven’t said what capacity your WD Passport is ? :confused:

Your TV may only support certain file systems like FAT or FAT32 … again you haven’t said what file system format your hard drive is

Lot’s a guessing if you don’t post enough information.

I have a My Passport 1TB WD and in NTFS format. Its a possibility that my TV only supports FAT32

it’s likely possible … but i don’t know what Brand or Model TV you have. ?

(My Panasonic 4K Ultra HD EX600 49" TV reads NTFS, exFAT and FAT32 formatted devices fine)

Check your TV User Manual or contact the manufacturer of your TV.