WD Backup on Windows 10 with WD My Passport Ultra

When will WD Backup be compatible with Windows 10?


Hi there,

I believe it should work on windows 10, have you tried to install it on Windows 10?

My problem seems to be the same I think.
Using WD Backup with Windows 10 gives only access to “Dropbox” network. The software does not recognize the WD MyCloud EX4 devices I have on my personal network in the office. So it is impossible for me to have local backups at any time.
Shall WD release a software solution to this problem?

I purchased a WD My Passport Ultra drive at the beginning of December and installed the software on 3rd december at that time all the software worked perfectly and I carried out a full back up of my note book with no problem. Today ( 1st January 2016 I attempetd to carry out a back up but found that the WD Backup programme will not open I tried several times and used various compatability modes and even uninstalled and reinstalled the WD Backup software but with no success the programme will not open and using the Windows troubleshooter ended up with the message that the software is not compatable. Of the other programmes that were installed initially WD Quick View does not open either but WD Utilities and WD Security programmes still open OK.

For information my notebook is an HP Pavillion runing Windows 10 Version 1511 ( OS Build 10586.36)

I am having the same problem with Windows 10. WD Backup will not run. I tried a reinstall but no luck. Was there ever a successful resolution to this problem?