New Passport Ultra backup doesn't work with Windows 10

Just got a new Passport Ultra.  Recently got Windows 10.  The File Explorer recognizes the device, but when I try to install to use as a back-up device it tells me to update.  When I run update I get this error: Unable to cast object of type ‘System.Windows.Shapes.Rectangle’ to type ‘System.Windows.Controls.Panel’.   How can i make this function with Windows 10?  I bought it mainly to use as external back-up.


If you are talking about the “WD Backup” software you can get it from the link below:

If you mean WD Smartware then you need to know that at the moment WD Smartware is compatible with the following Windows® operating systems: „

Windows Vista® „

Windows 7 „

Windows 8

Hi, yes I am referring to the WD Backup software.  I used your link.  It says the software is successfully installed.  Yet when I try to select the device, it scans and scans and says “No backup targets found”.   However I continue to see the Passport Drive showing in File Explorer.  What next?


Just installed My Passport Ultra with same response:
Unable to cast object of type Windows shapes Rectangle to Type System Windows Controls Panel.

No backup targets found.

Indicates backup isn’t compatible with W10.
The download reference states compatible with W8.1.
Solution or return drive to vendor.

Just installed My Passport Ultra. Same result. Install says everything is good. When I try to set up backup I get message “NO BACKUP TARGETS FOUND”. Running Windows Vista.

Also can not find the WDBACKUP software on my computer. If I run the installer again it says it’s good but the results are always the same.

I am not impressed.

use another backup software. The WD one is useless anyways.