Passport Ultra WD Backup will not open


Just started a few days ago.

My Passport Ultra when I click on the WD Backup icon it won’t open.

The WD Security icon and Drive Utilities icon will open but not WD Backup.

It was suggested that I uninstall and reinstall the program but that did not make a difference. Have not installed any other programs recently that might interfere with it and I am running Windows 10.

Worked fine up until a few days ago and now it won’t open.

Any suggestions?

Thank You,




Are you able to access the drive manually?

Are you installing the latest version of the software from the WD Support site?

If not, please try that.


was your drive dropped recently?


Have installed the latest software and no, I have not dropped the drive.

I can open it manually.




I am also having the same problem and the software does not seem to be backing up files anymore which I am very concerned about.

I have the WD My Book 4TB product on a Windows 10 HP Envy x360 laptop.

Under the “Download” section of the WD product page (, there are a variety of links to various Software items:

WD Drive Utilities for Windows
WD Security for Windows
WD Backup
WD Universal Firmware Updater for Windows
Acronis True Image WD Edition Software
WD SmartWare
Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows

Is there a particular item I should re-install? Also, should the old version be uninstalled first or just download and install the new version?


I have the same problem. I purchased a WD Easystore disk and it will not work. The WD support people are not at all helpful and keep sending me a link to the website to download the software. The sofltware is on my computer but it will not open.


If the software will not open and you are using the latest version from WD’s site then you may need to use a different backup program until a new update is released. Windows has a dedicated backup tool in the Control Panel. So does MacOS.

Steps are the same from USB drives once they are displayed.