Passport Ultra won't backup

My 1t Passport Ultra will not work.It is brand new, never used.
I set up everything as stated in the manual
When I go to WD Backup and click on Backup Now I get “Preparing Backup” which stays on the screen for a bit then goes out and nothing after that. I tried reloading the software and that did not help.
Left out that I am on Win 7 on a Lenovo Thinkpad

OK, still nothing. This unit is a piece of ■■■■, it does not work!
I erased and uploaded the software three times and the best I could get was a popup at the bottom of the screen that said it was backing up. This lasted for about a minute and then another popup that said some files were not backed up. The thought occurred to me that maybe something was wrong with the updates so I erased the files from my computer and reloaded them but did not do the updates.
Same thing, some files did not backup!
What now Western Digital???


What type of files are you trying to backup?

Do you have multiple partitions on your laptop?

Are you able to test the drive and the software on a different computer?

  1. The ones listed by the WD software; docs, pics, music, videos
  2. C Win 7 and Q Lenovo recovery
  3. I did try it on my son’s computer and same thing.

OK, everything seems to work now. Support told me to uninstall WD Backup and install WD SmartWare .
This seems to have corrected all of the problems.
The only question I have now is “Why did WD put WD Backup on the drive in the first place if it is faulty”?
None of these problems would have come up in the first place if WD Smartware had been on the drive when I received it.