WD Backup is not installing / finding My Passport

Dear all,
I recently purchased a “my passport” external disk as backup device. Unfortunately the included “WD Backup” is causing trouble to me:
While the PC recognizes the disk in the normal windows explorer, WD Backup always quits during the installation. The process works untill I can configure the first backup. Than the program starts searching for a storage device and does not find any.
I already checked, whether the “WD Backup Drive Helper” service is running - but this is not even listed. Thus I assume some error during the installation. However also removing all WD software, cleaning the %app% folder and reinstallation did not change anything.
Maybe someone has a good idea?

Hi User,

You can try this-
If WD Backup does not see my drive as a backup target and Check your local PC anti virus, malware and or end point protection software to ensure WD Backup is allowed and not blocked.
For assistance, pleased contact your software vendor or refer to their technical user manuals or disable the software while troubleshooting.
Click on the below mentioned link-

For installation issue-

Might drive got defective-

Or you can change the Drive file system sometimes drive needed format or reformat-
Below mentioned link will provide the all troubleshooting related with the drive.