WD 3TB not "Discoverd"

WD 3TB My Book Live Home Network (Part #:WDBACG0030HCH-NESN)

Connected drive to Linksys BEFSR41 v3 Router

Booted into XP Pro w/SP3 > WD My Book Live CD inserted and Setup started > Welcome Screen appeared > Start Discovery option selected > after 15

minutes NO Drive had been discovered - cancel selected. Ran twice > same results.

Booted into XP Pro x64 w/SP2 and tried again - same results as above.

Started the Belarc Advisor program and noticed it ‘found’ the drive in workgroup WORKGROUP and had name MyBookLive.

Opend the UserManual.PDF and went to Troubleshooting and using it as a guide I was able to access the drive when I opened IE8 and typed:

http://mybooklive/ in the address box. I then reviewed the various options/settings and changed the workgroup name to match that of what was being

used on my network. I also changed the name from MyBookLIve to Externals. These changes were saved and the computer was rebooted to XP Pro and I was

then able to find the drive in Network Places > Microsoft Windows Network > (My Named Workgroup) > Externals.

I then booted into XP Pro x64 and the drive was also listed as available in that operating system as it was later when I booted into Win7 Ultimate

64-bit w/SP1 - so far so good.

I then used Explorer to review the files/folders on the CD and found quite a few different programs. I am assuming these programs would have been

installed if the setup program on the CD had ‘Discovered’ the drive and I was able to select the Install option on the welcome screen so, given that

I never got to 'Install" I am at a loss as to what I should do to finish the software installations, or are they really necessary and how would I

install them now anyway?

you don’t need the CD.  just name the device and put it in the same workgroup as you computer(s).  The software on the CD is also on the MBl, and can be installed from the dashboard.  can you get to the drive but navigating to the IP your router has assigned to it?

As I said above in my initial comments; I was able to setup the drive by opening Internet Explorer 8 with http://mybooklive/  and then changing the name and workgroup to what I wanted. The drive is readily available to all of my operating systems.

My question; again, is the various programs on the CD and in the root of the drive itself - is there a process/procedure for correctly insatlling them because I just tried running each executable and have not, repeat NOT, successfully installed anything in the WD Smart Ware folder and neither can I remove the remnants from Add/Remove Programs under Control Panel.

ah, well, if you’ve updated to the latest firmware, your best bet may be just downloading the most recent versions of the software from WD’s website.

There was another fellow who had an incomplete install of smartware on his system, I think he had to delete the registry entries, including the control panel entry.  As I’d mentioned somewhere, there used to be a utility windows put out to remove installations, back in the xp days,  but they no longer recommend using it.

that’s the extent of my helpfulness, sorry.

The firmware installed is the latest.

I downloaded WDSmartWare_Software_Upgrader_for_Windows_1.5.1.6 and after unzipping it I tried to upgrade what had been installed - the upgrade failed (do not remember the error message).

I had been assuming I might have to search the registry and delete all Smart Ware references - no big deal, I’ve done that before.

But, my question about installing the various programs still requires an answer from someone at WD support - assuming they read these postings.

Just to satisfy my curiosity I booted into Win7 Ultimate 64-bit w/SP1, inserted the MyBookLive CD and ran setup. The Welcome screen appeared and Discover was selected - waited about 5 minutes and, again, the drive was not ‘discovered’.

But, a BIG but, the drive does appear in Explorer as a network conected device as it has since originaly connected.

I know I renamed the drive to suit my requirements but that is no excuse for its not being discovered.

I guess I’ll never know what possible use I could make of the provided software as I had to manually edit the registry in XP Pro w/SP3 and XP Pro x64 w/SP2 to remove it - I’m not even going tot ry it in Win7 Ultimate 64-bit w/SP1.

Anyone from WD have  a clue?