Your My Book Live Drive was not Found

I sincerely need help with this problem. The WD Book Live is not being discovered. I am using it wirelessly and am using Windows 7. I have Network Discovery set to ‘On’. I have changed the Ethernet cord to different ports in my router. The light is a solid green, while the lights in the back near the ethernet cord is showing one as a stable green, and the other blinking. I’ve even taken the Ethernet Cord out of the router and plugged it directly into my laptop. My router has assigned it an IP Address and I’ve even set it as the DMZ at one point.

Can anyone please help me?

Interesting. My Laptop saw that the NAS was connected with my router. I ended up mapping the network manually and I can play things from my Playstation 3 this way. However, I’m not using any of the required software, just drag and dropping. It looks like it’s a problem with the software, is there another software I could use? Also, a slightly unrelated question. If I hooked it up with a LAN line, and not wirelessly, it should transfer files faster, right?

Thank you again.

P.S - I really don’t know what I’m talking about in case you didn’t notice.

You do not need to use the software that came with it.  Since you are using Windows 7, as long as your laptop is connected to your wireless router (Wirelessly or Wired)  Win 7 will auto detect other network devices that are tied to the router, in this case your MyBookLive.

The way to do this, is double click and open Computer.  Then along the bottom of the left column, click on Network.  It will then open and you will be able to see your MyBookLive under Computer category.  That is one way to gain access into your public share when you want to access your data on the drive.

For simplicity, run the included CD (Steps 1 thru 3) and it will also discover your MyBookLive and you can assign a drive letter to the public share and it will also create a desktop shortcut.  In Step 3, install the WD QuickView tool.

This will give you many options to easily access the drive.  To answer your question, if you connect your laptop by wire directly to one of the ports on your router, the transfer rate is faster.