WD My Book Live Not Found

I’ll try not to go too heavily into the details; let me know if more would be helpful.  I have a WD My Book Live 2TB hooked up to my network by Ethernet cable.  I was using the drive fine.  Then it became “not found”.  It used to appear in the “Computers” section of the Windows Explorer: Network window, but now doesn’t.  It appears in the “Storage” section of that window, and when I double-click on it, I get to the device web page, where (at the bottom) it reports that the status of the drive is “good.”  But if I right-click on it, and choose “open” or “mount public share”, nothing happens.  The light stays green the whole time. I tried resetting the drive; the LED cycled through a veritable rainbow of colors, and has now settled on blinking green.  But the drive still isn’t accessible in Explorer.


Try to map it using wdlink.