Cannot see drive

Just got the My Book Live.  Am able to log in through the dashboard and create users, groups etc.  My router has assigned an IP to the device and is able to see it.  LED light is solid green.  The drive DOES NOT appear in the Networks area of My Computer.  When I go to start -> run -> \MyBookLive\ I get the Windows message that “Windows cannot access \MyBookLive”.  I click on diagnose and get the following:

“The device or resource is not set up to accept connections on port “The File and printer sharing (SMB)”.”

This is on Windows 7 Home.

Please help - thank you so much.

Try typing the IP address directly into your browser. This is where you may modify settings, shares, etc.

Also, right click on My Network Places and then select “Map Network Drive.” You can then transfer files directly.

When I go to the internal IP I am brought to the “Dashboard”, where I can set settings, users, shared and safepoints.    When I go to start-> run and type I get the same messages from my original post.

Any solutions?  It has to be something with Windows and SMB and my network.

try this. map it from my computer.

I cannot map the drive because Windows cannot see it.  


Do I need to authenticate using the admin user?  

I’ve also run the included CD, when it goes into “Discovery” it tells me it cannot find the drive either.  As I’ve said, I’m able to log in to the dashboard through my web browser, my router shows it as an active connection, and I can successfully ping the drive’s IP .

SOLUTION:  The wireless security was WEP needed to change it to WPA2 works perfectly.  Would be nice if that was in troubleshooting manual.