Can no longer find my book in network drive

hi guys

thanks for your help in advance

i purchased my 1tb my book live home network drive a few days ago

i have connected it to my wireless router

i am currently runing win7

i went through the installation of the drive and it all came through smoothly.

i registered the product and installed the latest firmware

however when i restarted my computer and went to look at the network drives, it was not connecting to the my book live. there wasw a red cross through the icon and when i double clicked it, it gave me an error message of it not eing able to cinnect (cant rememebr exact wording). i dont think its a firewall problem as it passed the whole installation process and i made sure it wasn’t a problem.

i restarted the computer again and still the same problem,

so this is where i dug my hole deeper,

i though i misgh as well start over and it might work,

so i went to my computer and right clicked on the z drive for the mybook live and deleted the drive.

when came to install again (after a restart and this has been done multiple times over a few days now) using the cd, the drive couldnt be found, even if i went to computer then map network drive, it could not be located. the WD SmartWare software is also not detecting the drive.

the only time i have any sort of success in finding the drive on my network through this compter is if i go to control pannel > network and internet > view network status and tasks… and then to see full map of network…

however even then it is quite useless as i cannot do much. i can log onto the my book live however it still cannot be found on the computer.

all this aside, i can access the drive like normal and install on other computers, i just havnt done so as i do not wish to back them up.

plz help???

I would open up Computer and type in either \drivename (what your drive name is), or \ipaddress (whatever ip address the drive has), to see if you can get to the drive that way.   If you can, then all you need to do is map the drive by drivename or firmware.  I would also make sure that UPnP is enabled on your computer and the router.  

If it still doesn’t work there may have been an issue with the firmware update.  You could try doing a factory reset from the Dashboard.  If that doesn’t work, you are most likely stuck with replacing the unit.

thanks wayne

will give that a go