Wd my book live 2tb install - windows 7 64 bit

Complete noob to this forum and pretty much computers in general. As the title suggests i am having trouble with the above. Setup the drive as recommended and then inserted the disc. It keeps failing to “discover” the drive. I have “discovered " the drive on my pc under " my network”. What i want to know is, Is it essential to complete this step or can i get a full install via another method ? eg download software from a website etc. Any help would be mahosively appreciated as the mrs is now wondering whats taking me hours on the computer. lol I have read a few posts on here but am having trouble following. Checked router settings and upnp IS on. Also should say that when i try to cancel discovery of the drive that a Runtime error occurs and installation stops altogether.

you don’t need the software to install the drive

connect the drive to the router, open a web browser and type //mybooklive

you can map the public share by right clicking on it