My Book Live 3 TB not discovered in XP

Looks like this is a very common problem, but there is no concrete solution for it. The user manual talks about the firewall settings of XP. Even changing this does not make the drive discoverable. Could some one tell me how to get it discoverable !!

Did you try to PING the MBL on CMD to get the IP address?

Thanks for the reply. Yes I did and got the IP address. I also could acces the software folder and installed the WD smartware. I am not sure if the setup is complete or should I install something more which would have been installed if the drive was discovered by the setup !

Actually installing Smartware is optional, if you can access the public folder with the IP address then all is good. You can also type the IP address on a web browser so you can access the configuration page and create your own shares.

I could access the drive through my browser. As I navigate through the dashboard to the “Back-up” option again the same discover drive link appears and gives me the same error saying that the drive cannot be found on the network

The backup option is check backups previously made or to make a safepoint backup from the MBL itself to another drive, if you want to create a Smartware backup to store it in the MBL, then open Smartware.

Again, as long as you can click con start> run> \thenameortheipaddressofyourMBL and it opens, then the drive itself is good and you can use it.

ThePizzaMatrix, installing Smartware also installs Apple’s Bonjour mDNS service.  Once this is in then all you need to do is add .local to the end of the MyBook Live’s assigned name.

If Smartware is not wanted then simply download and install Apple’s print services for Windows application. That also installs the Bonjour mDNS service on Windows.

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Thanks for taking time to answer my questions. I tried doing the backup using smartware but the backup tab is not highlighted and cannot be accesed ! The help says that you click properties of the drive you want to back-up and point it to MBL but this I am guessing is for WIN 7 . How do you do it for WIN XP ?

I installed the smartware from the “software” directory on the MBL . I also noticed that there are few other .exe files in the folder . Should I install these as well for smart ware to work fine ??


Once a factory reset has been done by following the procedure mentioned here

My Book Live stops misbehaving and all is well.