MyBookLive installed somehow as a computer and not a drive on the network (Win7)

I just installed a new 1TB MyBookLive on a relatively new Win7 system last week.  Running the setup disk repeatedly has failed to discover the drive, yet on the network (cable modem and good D-Link router) I see the device has its own IP address and I can access the drive via the network.  I finally discovered this morning that the device is recognized as a computer type device, not a drive, on the network, which may explain why Setup was not able to discover it (guessing here).  I assume I need to uninstall the whole thing and reinstall it, hoping it will now be recognized correctly as an external drive.  I don’t see the device in Device Manager so can’t remove it there.  How do I undo all this and start with a fresh installation?

it’s a NAS, it won’t show up on device manager. It’ supposed to be seen as a device on the network with shares, so it is working as it should…

The discover software works once in a blue moon so just map the drive manually with it’s ip address (Click on the start button> type \theipaddressof theMBL> right click any share and select “map network drive”).

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Thanks.  That worked.  I was literally on the phone with a tech support rep who could not diagnose the problem and was giving me an RMA to send the drive back when I saw the email about this and got the solution. 

I have mapped the drive as Z: and it is now available.  However I installed the SmartDrive software and it still doesn’t recognize the new drive, only my computer.  So I can’t do a full backup from my computer over to the new drive with that software.  Should I just bag it and use Win7 backup and restore programs to do backups to the new drive?

If you wanted to do a full backup then Smartware would still not help as it only copies personal files. I use Windows Backup with my MyBook Live because it can set the backup to be done at a certain moment and creates a recovery image, then again, there is better software out there to be used. Most  “NAS Backup Software” on Google will help you =)