Want to change where the new Mybook retrieves files from

Have a Dell Computer (C Drive) and had a MYBook (H Drive) hooked up to it, Have all my music and Photo files on the H drive (My Book) Now i want to back up all of the music and photos from the H drive to the New MYBook (I Drive) but the unit automatically was looking at the C drive, how do i change it to dig the files from the H drive…Thanks

Are you using WD Smartware? If so, you need to have the latest version of the software to backup from a USB drive.

Also, if your both drives are Smartware enable (they are bundled with WD Smartware), you will not be able to backup from the H drive.

even with the latest version of smartware, I’ve heard that it’s a little iffy.

If you’re on Skynet (Smartware) then open smartware> settings> software settings/set up software> retrieve folder.