Need Help with MyBookEssential backup

I don’t know how much info is needed to help so the short version is after running wd smartware and backing up, it looks as if the files were backed up to my c: hard drive. I cannot find any sign of the backup folder on my c: drive. Smartware shows my c: drive and MyBook drive (MyBook shows empty).

Here are the details: I updated Smartware from TO 2.4.10. A few weeks passed and unfortunately I ran the older version and thought I was backing up from my C: drive to MyBook. It seemed to operate like normal. Hours later Smartware showed the backup was successful, but my C: drive had lost alot of free space and MyBook was still empty. Like I said, I cannot find where my back up is at on my C:drive or why this happened. I’m not aware of any option to copy from C drive to C drive. Also, I’m running Windows 7.

Thanks for any help…

Welcome to the Community.

I’d recommend un-installing WD SmartWare and starting over. Your WD SmartWare backup should be in a folder called SWSTOR within your WD My Book hard drive. If WD SmartWare is copying files to your C drive instead then check the backup target in the Home Tab.