Restore files from XP to Windows 7

I need to restore files backed up from a dead XP laptop to a new Windows 7 laptop.

Here is what I have down to date:

  1. Installed latest version of WD SmartWare from a separate external drive on my W7 laptop & rebooted;

  2. Connected MyBook Essentials;

  3. Started WD SmartWare (WDS)

  4. Have to click on the MyBook icon on the Home tab to activate the Retrieve tab

  5. WDS see the drive and the categories;

  6. Selected Retrieve but cannot specify a Backup Volume

How do I retrieve my files?


If you goes to the drive manually through my computer, are you able to see the folder for the smartware (WDSmartwarestor)?

Yes.  I can see both drives (have my unit partitioned as delivered): 1) CD Drive (H: ) Wd SmartWare; 2) My Book (J: )

I can open H drive & see the folders and open each one.

When I open the J drive I see a folder called WD_Smartware.  When I open it I see 2 text documents: “DO NOT MODIFY!!” and “ReadMe”.  There are also a number of folders (all names consist of hexadecimal characters).  When I open one of these I see a folder “C_”.  Opening that reveals my folders.  I can open some & copy them to another drive.  Some are reporting “empty”.