I want to change the drive the My Book backs up

I want the My Book to back up a different drive letter.  It seems to default to C: and I cannot find a setting to change it.

Thanks in advance.

how are you trying to backup?  what software? what kind/model of drive are you using?  what os?  more information would be helpful.

I have a My Book Elite 1TB and am trying to use the automatic backup software that came with it - WD SmartWare.  Sytsem is Windows XP Professional.

are you using the original smartware that came with the drive?  cause if you are, you won’t be able to backup anything but the c: drive.  you should try downloading the latest version of smartware and then you should be able to choose other drives to back up from.  however, smartware doesn’t officially support backing up external drives.  but whatever shows up, you should be able to backup.