Mybook Essential Where are Files from auto backup?

I purchased the Mybook Essentials 1TB to autobackup my files from my Win7 pc.  I hooked it up and went throught the setup for auto backup.  It completed its task.  Now what?  Should it now be backing up everything on my c drive?  Should I be able to see those files?

I open the Mybook icon in My Computers and all I see are strangely labelled folders.  How will these help me if I need to recover my files? Should I leave my computer on all night for it to backup the rest of my files?  I really wished WD could provide a detailed set of instructions.  I’m completely clueless. 

Hi there!!  You are using the old version of Smartware, those folders hold the backup and are only understood by the old version of Smartware, they will help you to recover the files if you use the “Retrieve” section of Smartware.

On the other hand, the new version puts all of your files in a single “smartware.swstor” with a structure similar to a computer (Computer name folder> Volume> Users/Documents and Settings> Username> Files).

You can update Smartware for free on WD’s website under the download section for your MyBook, you can also check the user manual of the drive for more info info how the backup works.

Hope it helps!