Restored files only visible as SYSTEM and RETRIEVED

I have a mybook essential 1.5T HD.  I used the smartware software to back up files from my two hard drives.  I also manually backed up the files  as well.  Sure enough my second internal hard drive failed so I was glad I bought the mybook essential.

I installed a new second hard drive in my system and restored the drive back to the drive using a combination of files from “WD SmartWare.swstor folder” and my own manual back-up.  I also did the automatic restore using the software Now the smartware software see all of these files as SYSTEM and RETRIEVED with no division of file types such as photos movies etc.  This means any photos I add to the drive won’t be automatically backed up which is really annoying.  How can I make the software recognize the files as pictures, music movies mail etc.  It recognizes these on my first internal HD but not the second, replaced one.

Basically , thru the wd smartware you need to go to the backup tab in order for the backup plans to be updated according to the new drives that you just installed recently in your computer.