WD My Book Essentials 2TB

I recently bought the above item and I am having issues with the back up software.  I would like it to sync my E drive on my PC to the My Book drive.  Is there any way I can get it to auto back up as soon as I turn the drive on and to back up the E drive as it appears on the PC?   I have a filing system for my photographs and I will sometimes add a new set of photos to a folder that has previous visits and photos in from a previous date, i.e

E:\Photos\Digital Camera\Bolton Abbey 

And this would contain folders from every date I have been to this place.  The problem with manually backing up is I may visit 3 or 4 places and then I have to trawl through my PC drive to find the new folder, then trawl through the MBE drive and place it in the exact same place and I may have to do this 3 or 4 times, which is frustrating. Currently the provided software shows various categories, i.e says 259gb picture files, but I know I have 345gb of picture files and it shows 90gb of ‘other’ files after analyzing the E drive.

Is there a solution with the provided software? 

Hi, if you are using smartware by default it will only backup the files in the ''C" drive. You can select the file backup option so you can select the folders that you would like to backup manually.