Newbie with questions

Just got a My Book Essential 1.5 TB HD

A few things I want to ask.

How exactly do I add files / folders manually?

I read another thread that seemed to strongly advise you do Not add or use the WD Smartware. Ok. Already installed & used it. What have I done or what’s in store for me now? What to do from here?

How exactly  do I double check that what *appears* to be backed up in the HD is Really there?

Thanks for any help.

Easy, just copy and paste the files that you want to have inside the my book, I prefer to do it that way, but if you want to automatically backup your files use smartware. Check the links below for more help.

I think I managed to do a manual add. 

What I ended up doing (& I should’ve thought of it way earlier), was go to My Computer, click & open the WD hd icon & followed the path from there til I saw my stuff.  Then I simply dragged/dropped. So I *think* it’s there.

But I saw lines through some song titles. Like they’d been crossed out. weird_lines.JPGWhat does *that* mean??