Backup my Laptop as well as my PC

I’ve just purchased my shiny new WD My Book and am currently backing up my PC. Just done drive C and it’s currently backing up drive D. When it’s finished, I was thinking of hooking it up to my laptop and backing it up as well. Before I do would there be any issues in doing this? Should I partition the drive for that purpose? I’m also thinking of backing up some files separately on the My Book that I can access as needed. Thanks for the tips!


This drive comes with WD Smartware backup software. This software is capable of backing up multiple computers and you don’t have to create different directories or partitions. The software will label each backup after each computers name.

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As well as backing up via the software, I’m creating folders labelled for Music, Videos, Photos and Documents to save and retrieve as needed, using the software backup in case of computer problems. It seems to work well that way, unless you have any suggestions different to what I’m doing. One query else pops up. If one of my two computers (main or laptop) were to fail and I had to completely replace it, will the software recognise that fact, since the software backed up  data will need to go onto the new computer and not the one that’s failed? I hope it doesn’t happen, but good to know what to do if it ever does. Thanks

Have i got to do anything myself or does the wd software do it intelligently. Meaning, let say i backup my pc then i
Insert my other external drive, now does the wd softwarie back it up automatically. If not tell me the procedure please