Question about my MyBoook,

i bought a external harddrive, my book essential, in hopes to back up not only my laptop but my desktop and another laptop. with that said i was assuming i could access my external harddrive and inside it make folders primary three folders with folders inside the three folders. like one folder named my laptop, another named desktop, and each folder would be allllll the backup data from the device backed up so in my laptop folder would be oviously allll the data on my laptop, and the same with the desktop folder. is doint this possible with my “my book essential” 1 TB external harddrive.? if so how do i do so? im tryin to figure it out but i am having problems doing so. it seems like im only goin to be able to put alll data from one device on external harddrive. I DONT WANT TO MIX UP MY DATA SUCH AS LAPTOP DATA MIXED IN WITH DESKTOP DATA.  i have another question, i want to save my programs too like for example i downloaded a program that teaches you a foreign language and i wanted to save that and be able to re install it tagain if something were to happen to all my data i was hoping all i would have to do was find it on my “my book” drive and drag it to computer and re-install the program. is this possible? when i look at details about my backup it shows for example “music”, “pictures” “videos”  but i dont see “programs”…  THANKS FOR YOUR TIME…

You can backup multiple computers with WD Smartware, it will keep the data of each computers separated, it will create a folder for each computer. More information below:

Now, you need to be aware of the limitations of the software, using WD Smartware, you will not be able to backup your programs, Windows files, neither you will be able to backup specific files or folders.

thank you very much for your help