Backing up my PC that has 2 internal HDDs

Have just connected (USB 3.0) my My Book Essential 2 TB and have used it to back up the 2 internal HDDs; I have 2 questions: 1) I notice that in the WD Smartware Home window you have to select one of the internal drives at a time. However, if I select drive C:, will the software still be backing up Drive F: automatically? 

  1. Am I right in thinking that the WD My Book with Smartware software only backs up data? So if I get a complete drive C: failure, say,  will it restore all the software that was on drive C; to a new blank drive c: or not?
  1. No, the backup will only be made for the HDD that you select on the home tab. If you want to select more than one internal hard drive, select the option to do a file backup, check the link below for the steps.

2)Smartware will only backup your files (pictures, videos, Music), but not your programs.

The back up file option is not available, but it seems this because my software is 1.4 and I need 1.6. I downloaded 1.6, but after a while the install window disappeared - HD still chuntering, but after restarting the PC, I am still left with 1.4. What do you think went wrong?

Uninstall the smartware version that you have and do a clean install of the latest version.


Smartware download

Thanks for your guidance so far. However, even after uninstalling the Version 1.4 Smartware, the 1.6 will not install. After a few initial windows it all disappears and nothing happens. Any clues as to what I am doing wrong?

Mmm, in that case try installing  the updates below, before installing smartware. If that doesn’t work you might want to contact tech support directly.