Use SmartWare to Back Up One WD My Book to Another

I’m trying to find how I can use Smartware to back up one external WD My Book drive to a second WD My Book drive. I bought two of them and I’d like to back one up to the other automatically, so whatever I save on the first one gets backed up to the second one. In SmartWare, I can only find where I can back up an internal drive to a My Book drive.

My version of SmartWare is Any help would be appreciated.


Smartware is not configure to read a external unit as a origin to create the backup to another external drive.

You will need to move the files manually or you can use a third party application.

That’s unfortunate. Could the SmartWare software be made smart enough to be configured to allow this either by a user now or by an update from the WD developers in a future version?