Backup external drive to another external drive?

Hello. I have two My Book Essential 3TB drives. One one I keep my photography work and other stuff. I would like to use the 2nd drive as a backup. Have not figured out how to do it with smartware. I would like to be able to backup to the 2nd external once a week. So no need for autobackup, just the changes since the last backup. Any suggestions. Thx


That’s not possible with Smartware, you need a non smartware drive to backup a smartware drive…

I backup one My Book to another using a simple batch file and the XCOPY command.  The /M option will copy only files with the archive bit set and then reset it so that it won’t get copied again next time.  I launch my backups manually by double clicking on the batch file from Windows Explorer.  I have a batch file in the top folder of each directory tree that I want to backup.