Backing up another external drive

Before I updated WD smartware to V1.3.1.06, I could back up my passport to my Book. Now it will only let me back up my computer to either one of them. Am I doing something wrong?

I am also having a problem with smartware freezing up on me (or possibly taking an extremely LONG time to do something other than back up).

I do NOT like this latest version of WD smartware.

Can someone help me to back up my passport drive to my book?

I don’t think it was supposed to allow you to backup from one external to another. I was never able to do this. Your best bet would to be use a more comprehensive backup utility- the drive will still work for you no matter what software you use, and once you move beyond the basic “lets back up my pictures and videos from my C drive to the external” SmartWare really isn’t your best option.