Backing up multiple drives

I have a 4TB WD external drive (I:) which I use to back up my C:\ drive, as well as for storing a large number of files which do not fit on my C:\ drive.

I bought a second 4TB WD drive (L:) to completely back up C:\ and I:\

WD Smartware seems to allow backing up C:\ to I:\ (as it always did) as well as C:\ to L:\ and I:| to L:\

It seems I now have to run the three backups individually.

Is there a way to configure WD Smartware to continuously run all three backs, without have to do each one manually?

Many thanks.


At the moment that’s not possible with the WD Smartware software.

Not sure if that’s possible even with a third party application.

it’s a [Deleted], this software need to switch drive for backup 1 by 1 drives…

if you have 4 partition in your computer how do you do ??? you switch the first drive and the second etc ? 

need an update to fix that ! PLEASE 

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