Back up two internal drives

My new computer has two internal drives. So far I have only used the My Book to back up the C:/ drive, but I have now stored several gb’s of data on the other D:/ drive and would like to back that up too. I do see that the My Book can be switched on the Home tab to either drive. When I switch it to the D drive and then go to the Backup tab it looks like the My Book sees the data on the D drive but it hasn’t automatically backed it up the way it has with all the C drive data. There is an option to “Enable Backup” however.

  1. Do I understand correctly that I must enable the backup for the D drive and then the MyBook will back-up the D drive data and it will still save all the backed up C drive data separately from the D drive data?

  2. Do I have to switch the MyBook manually from C to D drive each time in order to back up data on both drives and will it automatically back up only the drive I have the My Book set to? Or will it back up both drives automatically at the set time?

I did research this here and found several similar posts, but I’m still a little fuzzy on the above questions.  

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi ALB72, you only need to start the backup for the D drive and Smartware will create a separate folder for it and will also continue the backup of the C drive. 

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Will do that. Thanks again for your help. Very much appreciated.