Backing up two internal drives installed in same computer

My new computer has two internal drives – an SSD © and a hard drive (D).

When I open the WD Smartware to the Home tab, both drives can be selected if I click on the drop down window on the left. On the Backup tab I “Enabled” the C Drive for automatic backup, set a scheduled time, etc. That’s working fine.

  1. Do I now have to go back to the Home tab and select the D Drive in the drop down window and then set it up separately, “Enabling”  it and setting a scheduled time, etc.?

  2. Does the MyBook store the backed up data from each of the two drives separately on its disc, so that if I have to Retrieve some data it stored from either the C or D drive it will be easy to see the contents of each drive separately and pick what I want to retrieve from either drive easily? 

  3. Or perhaps when I need to Retrieve data I would first select the drive in that drop down box under the Home tab again  and then go to Retrieve and the smartware will only show me the data it has stored for that drive? 

Sorry if these seem like ridiculously basic questions, but I’ve hosed one of these MyBooks before when trying to make changes in the smartware, so just want to be extra certain I’m understanding how the smartware works.

Thank you for the help.

Hello there,

Regarding your first question , yes you have to switch the drive and then do the first backup on the D drive then after the first backup the software should keep backing up both drives. The data will be separate for each volume that s backed up. To retrieve the files you would select each volume from the software so no need to switch on the home tab Hope this helps you out.

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Thanks very much for your fast and helpful reply. I backed up the  D:  drive today and all went well.