Need help recovering files from a MyBook

In fall of 2009 I purchased a MyBook Black Friday and set it up as an auto backup to the computer. Well, the computer died and when I plug the MyBook onto our current computer, the files appear to be encrypted or something and I can’t seem to retrieve them.

How do I open these archive files. This was the sole purpose and reason to have this piece of equipment and now I can’t retrieve hundreds of my pictures and videos from my children’s early years.

Any advice would be helpful.

How did you backup with software? If so you will probably need to install that software on the new PC.


My friend set it u but it would have been through the software that was preloaded onto it or through windows. I would assume if it was windows then my new windows machine would be able to read it but it can’t.

If the drive came with Smartware you will need to install that to retrieve the backup. Does the drive have a file named smartware.swstor ? That is the file smartware creates.