Want to buy WD Mirror but have a question

I am new to the personal cloud world and was reading some reviews on the WD Mirror, but had a question that I hoping someone can answer before I buy one.

I have an external hard drive at my work pc that contains all my music and photos (about 1TB). If I purchase a WD Mirror for my home network, can I (or is there a way) that I can copy the entire contents of my external hard drive to the Mirror remotely from my work pc?

I am assuming that the Mirror is a cloud (or functions like a cloud - Ex. iCloud) that I can access my files from anywhere and save files to it from anywhere??

Thank you in advance

The device is named “Cloud”, but it’s a physical storage unit that would sit on your house or your office while connected to a router. It does not perform remote backups out of the box, but you can access the files already stored within it remotely. You can also connect your your UBB drive directly to it in order to copy your content.