Mirror WD mycloud


Dont know if it is possible but I want to use my WD my cloud as Im using dropbox. I want it to mirror everything that Im having in a certain folder on my computer. Of course I can work straight on the WD my cloud harddrive but since Im not always connected to the network I wont to be able to reach the files also when Im offline.

So is it possible to share a folder on mac and automatically mirror it to WD mycloud.

And then be able to access and sync the same folder when Im on another computer.

With other word. Just like dropbox works


Currently, WD does not have an option like that.

You might be able to do that using a third party sync software that works with network drives.

Let’s see if any of the users have tried that.

What about “smartware”. Doesnt it provide something similliar?

Is the pro version of smartware free y the way if you bought a wd drive? Read it somewhere …

Maybe Im wrong. Smartware doesnt work on mac for My Cloud?

back uses timemachine instead, sorry that is about my limit of mac knowladge