Wake up my device?

Friends, how can I wake up my device. I can’t enter by ethernet, My cloud android, local access

What color is the light on the front of your device and what are the lights on the rear doing and what is their color? Is your device showing in your network? How do you have it connected to your router?

Have you looked at the User Manual?


On my device I turned on the power saving mode at night. To 6 am. Since morning the device did not Wake up with any one computer I can’t log it in. Is there any way to Wake it up programmatically.

The My Cloud should “wake up” any time a computer or mobile device tries to access it. As the previous poster asked, what do the back LED’s on of the My Cloud indicate? Are they lit up if so what color(s)? Can you access the My Cloud Dashboard?

No, to access the control panel, I could not. The device did not respond to my inquiries with of your computer or mobile device. It fell asleep-didn’t burn indicators, hard disk drives have not worked, not worked fans.

Also, the device was not visible in Windows Explorer under Network

When you say you turned on the power saving mode was this in the Dashboard under Settings>General>Energy Saver, turning Drive Sleep ON? Is this a My Cloud device?

Have you tried unplugging it, waiting a minute and plugging the power back in?


Yes, I did just that. The device worked. I want to understand why it does not protrude from sleep mode

Your use of that word confuses me.