Viewing Photos from MyCloud Mirror on Sony TV


I set up my Sony TV as a user and gave it access to a shared folder that I intend to put holiday photos from 3 phones. I can’t find the WD MyCloud app in the Play Store on my Sony TV? Is there another app I can use?

In addition, can someone point me in the direction of decent video tutuorial for using the NAS, anything I’ve found on youtube seems to be sales driven rather than how to use the product?

Thanks in advance!

You don’t need an app for the TV. Instead, you can either point the TV to the media folder on the NAS and use those credentials you created to access the folder or configure Twonky on the NAS to advertise the media server to the TV. Either way it will read/discover the media files and display it.


I’m sorry but I’m not sure what to point my TV at? do you mean I should use a browser and log in with the user I created on the NAS?

I will look at twonky (I’ve no clue what that is!)

Thanks:) I’m new to this type of thing!


Assuming that the TV is indeed a smart tv then it will have a few methods of accessing media off the local network. The first would be simple file shares (and this is where the credentials you created could be entered) or via a DLNA-compatible app on the TV itself. The latter goes hand in hand with Twonky on the NAS (or any other media sharing app) with the advantages that there is little configuration to do: the TV will discover the media being shared across the local network.

Both should be adequately covered in manuals for both the TV and the NAS or perhaps online if all else fails.