Unable to find share on tv

I have two different brands of NAS. The WD MyCloudEx2Ultra and a Medion Lifecloud. I want to transfer all of my media to my WD NAS, but unfortunately this NAS can’t be discovered by any of my Smart TV’s. (While they do see the Medion shared media.).

Now I found an article that might be related to my problem: WD MyCloud & Samsung TV

Here one can set a share to “Media serving”. I do not have this option for my shares.

My WD NAS is running on the latest firmware: 5.08.115

I have a Public share (can be accessed without username/password from any device on the same network).

I hope someone can help me get this share to really share…

Yeah I had the same issue, I solved it by downloading TWONKY app.

Thanks @dwolfv, that did the trick.