Very unsatisfied with WD My Cloud!

This month I bought a new iMAC i9 27’’ with 64GB RAM and a WD My Cloud 4TB.

First thing I hate: There is a process called KDD that is running all the time and wasting all the CPU performance. I noticed that my iMAC fan was always running since I installed WD Discovery. After I close the app, the fans go off and cpu % returns to normal.

The HDD used in myclound is very slow! I have WD my cloud and iMAC connected directly to the router via network cable (not wifi) and file transfers are slow as on WIFI connection!

I could install the WD Discovery app on my iMAC with Mojave with no problems, but on my MacBook with OS Catalina the app simply does not work! I tried one recommended version that I found on this forum, I could install it , but the app does not install MyCloud folder on my desktop and I simply can’t access my files, only on web browser.

If there’s not a bug fix for this issues in next days I will return this ■■■■.

:frowning: I am very dissapointed with this.


Take it back. I’ve had min for a few years and I hate it. The user interface is VERY slow and I’ve never really trusted it.

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New user here. It’s garbage. Did not expect such utterly garbage software being required to us what was advertised as a plug n’play NAS drive. Can’t access it over my local directly using File Explorer. Will never buy another WD product.