Not Happy With My Cloud Discovery App

I’ve had a My Cloud Home drive installed and running for the past week. So far, the drive itself seems fine, but I really dislike the Discovery app. My peeves are:

  1. The window pops up every time I wake my Mac up. I want it to just run in the background and leave me alone. This problem occurs on my Windows laptop as well.
  2. It does not save my account password - I have to log into the tool when I start the computer. This is primitive and inconvenient
  3. There is no way to partition the drive itself. I cannot use it as a Time Machine backup drive because I cannot limit how much space is available to Time Machine
  4. The drive has disappeared from my desktop a couple of times, requiring me to relaunch the app - and log in again because it doesn’t remember my credentials
  5. It seems like the app is required to run for my Mac to see the drive as anything other than a Time Machine backup target. Why can’t I just mount it as a network drive?

I have not had the drive running long enough to formulate an opinion, but so far the app is terrible! Had I known this, I would not have purchased the drive.


I’ve decided to return this drive because I find the app so intolerable.

Too bad.


Please tell me how return, too.

I don’t know your situation, so I can’t help you.

I’m simply returning to my vendor, since I’ve only had the product a few days am still within the return period.