Version Transmission

Good afternoon. I wanted to know why so far the Transmission application is supplied by such an outdated version, there is already version 2.92, and it is installed on our device 2.77.

How did you install transmission on mycloud? Which device you are using Gen1 or 2?

I have a WD EX2 firmware version of 2.11.164. Stuck from the Applications menu.

Yes off course, there is no official third-party apps on mycloud gen1/2. I don’t know why it is not available officially, but you can get it from here

And what about the version already installed? Does it need to be removed or does it update the previously installed one?

Try and see, I don’t have ex2

Hooray! I tried. We need to stop the application, then when installing the new system sprsit: Want to update the application? "We answer yes and everything works. Thank you very much for all your help.

Have you posted your question in the EX2 discussion forum?
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