Latest Transmission "official" app?

Hi there,

My WD MyCloud EX2 is running Transmission 1.05 but I am wondering if there is a newer version to run using regular installation procedures (not compiling or ssh or anything). This version is really bad. Please advise.

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Through WD standards procedures, there’s no option to update that application.

See if the following link helps


That 1.05 is actually 2.77.

I compiled 2.84 for EX2 from GPL source( and packaged it with mksapkg.

Didn’t tested it thoroughly, so use it at your own risk.

Thank you internet stranger! I have installed it and will give it a spin later. Here’s hoping you didn’t add some creepy stuff on it, totally internet trust stuff going on here :wink:

Installation was successful, I’ll try to point Sonarr and CochPotato to it and see how it goes.

No creepy stuff. :wink:
I compiled 2.84 included in
I think it’s vanilla 2.84 + compiling script).

Hi, this failed to install on my EX2 ultra. Is there any way you could compile the latest for that too please? lol

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Can you please compile one for Ex2 ultra as well please?