v2.3 released: WDTVHubGen - Looks up Movies, TV Shows and creates XML for the Hub

A lot of people have worked on creating tv show and movie xml generators, I decided to create both, I have been working on this during my plane rides (I travel a lot) for the last month.

_ ALL software will now be available at : _ http://wdtvhubgen.codeplex.com/

this uses V4.0 of .net  ( download here)

NOTE: this now includes source code available for download via codeplex, contact me if you want to “work” on the code.

v2.3 is released.


  • Added Autoupdating and then removed it, Codeplex doesn’t support autoupdating except for via ClickOnce, but clickonce requires code signatures, which cost me about $200/year and that is money I’m not willing to spend just so the code doesn’t warn you of impending doom :)  If you installed the clickonce release, i recommend uninstalling it completely and then using this one (unzip and just run)
  • Added episodes with greater than 100 eps per season
  • Added handling 3 digit and 4 digit movie names (ie. 300)… this is experimental and might fail, please let me know
  • Added Substitutions to the options, you can now sub out and & for an and, use with caution. these are available in the options tab to play with. this does require a new config file, or just copy that one section over.

v2.2 is released

This is the final maintenance release for the update the API.
New features added:
1. add your own jpgs before you save (or after, I’m an update not a cop)
2. fixed the hour min problem introduced in 2.1.x
3. fixed several other little bugs

4. supports specials now, they are listed in tvdb.org as season 0 plus and episode, if you put that in manually, it will find and fill…

v.2.1.6.maint is out fixing the recent issues… 

V2.1.1 Stable is released :smiley:

V.2.1.1 click here to download the next release.

This is a maintenance release to fix some UI bugs

  • Manual Lookup not offering a save this one button, fixed
  • several little bugs
  • Series Folder Icon Folder returned to UI for saving folder icon for a series.
  • Enabled the IMDB lookup

Version 2.1

Manual Lookup with TV or Movie (finally huh!), you can look up a movie or TV episode directly, you can right click on anythign, and choose manual lookup, then will allow you to type anything you want to look up and it will assign it to the file you right clicked.

No Rename: a very popular request, this is an option you can set so that the original name is kept regardless of what is found.
Previous Directories (if you are clever) you will notice a drop down box for the directory path now, and as you type it puts in old ones. this is in a file called directorylist.xml and will allow you to have saved favorites that you might always be looking up from. the file is created on first use.
I think i might have fixed the parsing error on the tv lookup. The problem was that when you looked up a newish episode, thetvdb.org episode request doesn’t work on really new stuff, yet, i was able to find it elsewhere and use it. this is leading to a new cache architecture underneath and will result in much faster large lookups in the future.

I did not mess with process all, most of the updates in this release are aimed at the hardcore folks that want to look up one at a time.

Please tell me what features I missed and I’ll start working on them next.

Version 2.0 (click on the right) this uses V4.0 of .net ( download here)

Version 2.0 adds the following features: (apologize if I forget some, added a lot of little things)

  1. Unified View, no longer is there a separate movie and tv tab, they are both processed in same tab now called Video.  This unification greatly simplified the code base and should unify the experience some.  This was done in preperation of v2.1 which I’m expanding to including music tagging.
  2. Aggressive Lookup expanded.  before if a movie wasn’t found, you could either rename it to make it better, or use “aggressive lookup” to find the first “n” words (defined in options), now there is an option to automatically go aggressive after a movie lookup has failed. i recommend turning it on.
  3. improved parsing of files names to aid in lookup.  probably didn’t know that the program parses the input filename and attempts to “clean” it up for lookup.
  4. Added an option to “toggle” hidden JPGs, this is for use with the older models (not the hub) and allows the movies to be thumbnailed without the thumbs showing up.  This works by toggling an entire directory (and sub directories), so use with caution.
  5. Shows a “type” icon in the listview.  This is either a movie (film strip) or a TV show (lcd tv icon)
  6. DescriptionTemplate added. this allows you to Load the description with content that we have but for some reason isn’t displayed on the hub, like mpaa and movie rating.

Also added quite a bit of bug checking and updates that are too small to mention, but the program runs a lot cleaner now.

Version 1.2 (click to the right) this uses V4.0 of .net  ( download here)
Version 1.2 adds the following features:

  1. Card View
  2. Zoom (allows you to specify how big the list is going to be and which size thumb to use in the list, can also be used to show card view)
  3. Sorting on date processed
  4. Fixed renaming bug introduced in v1.1  (Please upgrade to 1.2 immediately to remove this bug)
  5. Option to turn backgrounds off
  6. Cleaned up some bugs others have pointed out to me.
  7. Added handling of shows without thumbnails

With Version 1.0.3 and above you are downloading a zip file that you just unzip in a directory (your choice where) and then run the WDTVHubGen.exe file, if you have .net 4 installed, it should just work and launch. Sorry for all of hte issues with the previous versions.  FEEDBACK is very welcome.

Release Versions:

Version 1.0.0  - initial Release

Version 1.0.1 - added support in the config file for all type of movies supported by the Hub.

Version 1.0.3 - added log support to try and figure out this install program. Removed the installer. Updated a save button bug.

Version 1.0.5 - added some code to better support logging and error correction, also added a fix to the Badly formed XML problme created by the Hub, (those files appear unprocessed, but can be processed by the program now)

Version 1.0.6 - added more aggressive handling of tv show names. now everything after season and episode numbers will be ignored during the lookup for thetvdb.org… i.e.  Californication S01E01 - The pilot  will only send Californication to the lookup with season 1 and episode 1.

Version 1.0.7 - Added recursive directory handling, improved season/episode handling, adding substitutions (for things like **bleep** my dad says or $#*! my dad says), added an options tab so no more editing the .config file, improved error handling, fixed minor bugs, improved status reporting while running.

Version 1.0.8 - Big Release: - Added Language Support on the movies and tvshows, selected optionally by the user (support for english, german, italian, portuguese, spanish, french, russian, chinese, dutch), Added file template support for movies by title, file and shows by title and file.  Added overlay support on the tv show episode jpg. Logging now supports 3 modes (verbose, errors, none), added support for combined movie/tv directories, better handling of oddly named files.  Added significant UI feedback when the program is busy. Numerous bug fixes.

Version 1.0.9 adds the following features: 1. Automated handling of multiple returned shows/movies, if during automation more than one show pops up, you will be presented with a dialog box to select the one you want, and that selection is remember for any subsequent shows of the same name for that automation run 2. User selected multiple selection, used to use arrows to move between choices, now a dialog box prompts for correct choice for both movies and tv shows…  3. Added support for not saving the jpg in the directory for movies or tv shows in case the user has their own jpgs 4. Overlay support for series, doesn’t save to folder.jpg any more 5. Better reporting and Status during automation 6. Better TV automation speed, cache similar shows to speed up process 7. Added support to prompt for series folder, when saving a series folder . jpg 8. fixed sizing of tv show jpgs (recommend deleting all xml and jpgs for a series and rerunning) 9. fixed bugs with recursive directory matching.

Version 1.1
Version 1.1 adds the following features:

  1. VOB support (when a dvd vob set are in a seperate directory), now updates correctly and renames the directory and puts up metadata and pictures.
  2. Right click to open file location
  3. Added a few more options
  4. Added episode and season number templates with no leading zeros
  5. fixed numerous handling bugs
  6. Added a small slide show of backdrops for movies

This is available to you freely, I have used MovieDB.org and theTVDB.org as sources and tried to make this a “simple” as possible.

A couple of features:  When a movie title is loaded (from a directory) the program attempts to parse out the “garbarge” that uploaders put on, if I missed any you can update the app.config xml and add your own exclusions.  After I get the “clean file” name I then attempt to get the info from movie db, if several movies come back, you can browse them and pick the one you want, as well as picking the thumbnail you want.  Also you can just tell the program to “go for it” and will process an entire directory.  I also use the objectlistview (a visual component) to put the un-categoriezed and processed movies at the top.

For TV shows, the process is very very similar, except I also parse for season and episode then attempt to get that specific info as well as some screen shots.

For this to work well, you typically need to seperate your tv shows from your movies. I use the directory structure:

The reason i did this structure for TV is that i put the season cd box automatically on each season when You save an episode for that season, and I added a button that puts series info at the top of the directory.

Overall i added a lot of features including:

  • inline renaming of files

  • full sorting and such

  • aggressive lookup (use with caution on movies)

  • thumbnail selection and choices

  • simple interface.

  • Automatically determines if the name includes cd1 and cd2 and will add two entries with same data but marked as CD1 and CD2.

  • The configuration file contiains many options

This is the first time it is being used by others, so if you run into any issues, please let me know.



A screen shot of what TV looks like after using the program…


Thanks for making the app puclic… I’ll have a look at it for sure…

Info: The screen shots aren’t working yet… 

Thanks.  The screens are uploaded, I think this forum does an approval thing, and last time it took like 8 hours for them appear.

Will upload now and give you some feedback soon.

Thanks NOSLACK for all the effort you must have put in to this!!


crashes as soon as I run it:

I had the same problem with the one I originally uploaded, I did fix that and reuploaded as soon as I saw it.  The zip file contains two programs, unzip and install them…  Also it requires v4.0 of the .net framework, but it should tell you that.

WOW, man… just WOW


Thank you…

NoSlack913 wrote:

I had the same problem with the one I originally uploaded, I did fix that and reuploaded as soon as I saw it.  The zip file contains two programs, unzip and install them…  Also it requires v4.0 of the .net framework, but it should tell you that.

I DLed this about 15 mins before I posted. I ran the .msi file first then the .exe file which just asked me to repair which I did. but no change. yes I have .NET Framework 4.0 installed.

I am worried that no one has this working, can someone verify that they were able to download and install this program and get it successfully working?

i would appreciate it.


Not I as u can see above. If the designer wants any sort of logs or information to sort out this bug let me know what you need.


I have updated the download (and screen shots)  the installer i was using wasn’t(isn’t working well) so I’m just going to give you the non-installer version (see first post with link) and i added some little error correction and some logging so I can keep with whatsup…

i would appreciate a note from anyone who has successfully installed and gets it working, would take a load off of my mind.



Well, nothing installs, per se…

When I run it, I get plenty of info in the detail panel, but all the SAVE buttons are greyed out…

And there’s a “Broken Link” icon where I suspect the thumbnails would show in the detail panel…

Hmmm… did you download the 1.0.3 .zip file  that is just copied to a directory??  The broken link icon should only show if it can’t find the thumbnail (which is moviename.jpg)

are you pointing it at a file that doesn’t have the .xml file? if you are then double click on the listbox (or right click and press Look up info…)

I should probably write a user manual at this point. :slight_smile:

can you verify you have .jpg files in your install directory (they are all called some form of notfound#.jpg)

Tony, I know you have done a lot of work on your program and really welcome any feedback on this one.




Found the bug you were referring to, on the TVShow tab.  Fixed it and updated the .zip file for download. I think will investigate adding a “autoupdate” feature to the program so I dont have to keep updating when I find bugs :slight_smile: i’m sure that will not be today. thanks again.

NoSlack913 wrote:


Tony, I know you have done a lot of work on your program and really welcome any feedback on this one.




Feedback??   How’s THIS?    Your work makes me look like the amateur programmer I am!   :smileyvery-happy:

It looks really nifty.   I haven’t taken the time to really put it through its paces yet…   About to immerse myself in my daughter’s birthday party.  :)


I have not been able to run the program at all.  I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, with .NET 4 installed (did a repair of the install again, just in case).  When I duble-click your exe file, I get the spinning circle for a few seconds, and then nothing happens.  Any idea what am I doing wrong? Is the program not supported in a 64-bit OS? Please let me know.  Thanks.




I know this is a funny question, but when did you install?  I figured out that the installer I am using was causing issues, so I switched to a .zip file that you simple unzip into a directory, and then just run the .exe file.  The program was built on a 64bit Win7 Ultimate machine, so I"m positive that isn’t it.

(NOTE: EDITED to new location) wdtvhubgen.codeplex.com  is the location of the zip file, please let me know if you try this one and it still doesn’t work.  I reocmmend first uninstalling whatever you have installed. then just downloading this zip. picking a directory and unzipping into it, and running the exe.




Idid exactly as you suggested, again (I had done it like that before).  I still get the same results, that is, spinning circle for a few seconds, then nothing.  Any thoughts?



Shoot.  there is a file that “should” be getting created in the c:\temp directory call ApplicationLog.log, cna you send me that file, I’ll send you a PM with my email.  I appreciate your help.


I get an error WDTVHubGen has stopped working

this is from the log

NoSlack913 wrote:

Shoot.  there is a file that “should” be getting created in the c:\temp directory call ApplicationLog.log, cna you send me that file, I’ll send you a PM with my email.  I appreciate your help.




2011-03-27 19:16:17,174 [1] DEBUG Starting Up
2011-03-27 19:16:17,182 [1] DEBUG About to Launch Form